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Limiting the waste of raw materials means saving

Alimentary products are sold by weight. Of course, inside their packaging. So, the figure declared – for example 350 g – must never be less. In fact, to not offer disservices, it is common practice always to carry out overdoses.

Weight measurement technology and services

We trace the process of transformation of the raw material and its use, improving the accuracy with which it is weighed. We, therefore, offer a combination of hardware and software tools to increase the productivity of the processing industries. The installation of an industrial micro-computer in the automatic machine allows improving the accuracy of the weight measurement and enabling machine learning of production data.


Data in the measurement of weight are essential to calculate the yield in the production process. Therefore, the machine’s performance. The mean, standard deviations, and correlations with process data are reported on our Dashboard software. The result is a constant overview of your production performance.

Customized solutions

Everyone’s working in weight measurement has a common need: the need for a reliable, custom-designed solution. Nanolever can optimize raw material’s use by improving weighing processes and analyzing production data. We, therefore, address both the processing industries and the manufacturers of automatic machines.

The smartest measurement solution

There are so many load cell manufacturers. On the other hand, there are fewer designers and builders of weighing systems. Nanolever designs and develops weighing systems that ensure the greater possible accuracy in weight measurement.

Sigma Low is the Nanolever technology for measuring weight inside automatic machines

Sigma Low means precision weight control to eliminate vibration-induced errors. The current measurement chain of a strain gauge load cell, used inside a machine, allows reaching 15 – 20 mg accuracy. Nanolever solutions, in the measurement of the weight on the device, achieve accuracies of 2 mg.

Weight Capsule allows the measurement of loose materials directly along the conveyor line

Until now, it was not possible to measure powders or granules inside the tubes. Weight Capsule replaces those load cells that should be mounted at the foot of the silos. Moreover, it has a very similar cost.

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