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Weighing systems and real-time software for performance improvement

Nanolever’s goal is to answer the need to measure weight accurately. Therefore, to improve the performance in the production industry sector. The first answer was Sigma Low. A technology that allows you to measure inside machines and vibrating environments as if the weighing system were on a marble table. On the other hand, the second is Weight Capsule: a system that allows the in-line measurement of powders and loose grains for the pipes in which they are transported. All our weighing systems are equipped with a micro-PC for data synchronization. The analysis of the latter, in fact, is necessary to calculate the OEE. And thus be able to improve it.

Who we are

We develop weighing systems within production plants and automatic machines.


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We are specialists in the development of weighing systems used within production plants and automatic machines

Weighing systems and real-time software for performance improvement

Originating from a spin-off of Hypertec Solution, today we share the same offices. In fact, Hypertec Solution operates, with about eighty engineers, as a division for mechanical design, industrial automation, hardware development, feasibility studies, software and firmware.

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We have developed a combination of tools, hardware and software, to increase the productivity of the processing industries. Raw material is an extremely precious commodity both for companies and for our planet. Optimizing its use allows, therefore, to generate a positive impact both in terms of production and respect for the environment.

Collection and analysis of production data
Optimization of the raw material
Performance improvement
Business and environmental benefits
All of this can happen, very quickly, even in your company.

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