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Sigma Low is a highly accurate weighing system

Sigma Low was born to respond to the problem of measurement errors caused by vibrations in industrial weighing systems. Eliminating errors generated by vibrations allow you to increase precision and optimize the product’s raw material. Sigma Low also uses practical algorithms for weight determination. This means that Sigma Low enables you to increase the measurement accuracy by zeroing vibrations where there are. While, where there are none, the ways in which we treat the weight data coming from the load cell are still helpful in obtaining more precise measurements. Sigma Low’s goal is to limit the waste of raw material as much as possible.

How does Sigma Low work?

As for the measurement of the mass to be weighed, the Sigma Low weighing system is based on an off-center cell. The apparent weight, on the other hand, is measured by a dedicated system. In fact, Sigma Low synchronously measures the apparent weight and the weight of the object to be measured, subtracting the latter from the apparent weight. This allows you to eliminate the error. Taking as an example dosages of 2 grams, the precision obtainable with Sigma Low is 10 mg, taking measurements every two milliseconds. Its accuracy depends on the total weight to be measured.

Sigma Low

Gravimetric dosing becomes possible with Sigma Low

Industrial automation needs to dose products. And the dosage is, if you like, the heart of the machine. For this reason, the dosage of the raw material must be carried out in a precise, repeatable, and fast way. In most of the automatic machines in which there is a dosing section, it takes place in a volumetric way. This, however, depends on several parameters.

First of all, from the type and characteristics of the product – including the variation in volume as the temperature and humidity change. But it also depends on the variations that mechanical parts can undergo over time as a result of wear. So from the inaccuracies of the mechatronic system. So, the volumetric dosage is not particularly precise due to all these variable parameters.

Sigma Low is a weighing system that allows gravimetric dosing

The problems of overdosing, typical of volumetric dosing, can be overcome by using gravimetric technologies. However, until now, vibrations and high measurement speeds have prevented this solution from materializing. The Sigma Low weighing system, since it neutralizes the effects of vibrations, allows for gravimetric dosing. And, therefore, to optimize the raw material.