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Weight Capsule is a weighing system for the online measurement of powders and grains

The weight of powders or grains – as they flow inside the pipes that transport them – was not possible until now. Weight Capsule, on the other hand, allows it. It is possible to measure grains of any type, raw material in grains, feed, and much more from today. Weight Capsule is a weighing system that replaces those load cells which, mounted at the foot of the silos, measure the mass of the products with up to ten times less precision.

A weighing system for loose grains capable of collecting production data

In January 2018, at the International Production & Processing Expo in Atlanta, Alltech Vice President Aidan Connolly indicated that the most significant flaw in the poultry industry is the lack of data on feed consumption. This could be key to improving production efficiency, mainly due to the increase in world demand. With Weight Capsule, it has become possible to measure the feed line by line and to know the feed consumption per single line. In this way, farmers can learn all the parameters of intensive agriculture.

Weight Capsule is an in-line weighing system for industry 4.0

About ten years ago, Industry 3.0 was synonymous with innovation. The goal of this historical period was to make machines that carry out part of man’s work. Or, in some cases, replace it entirely. What is certain is that the automatic controls developed at the time greatly facilitated the use of the machine and speed production. And the era of robotization, as you know, it’s just started. 

In fact, automatic machines limit themselves to carrying out their task, storing data that remain unused. Therefore, whether they measure the mass of each weight action or, in other sectors, the number of pieces produced or the quantity of electricity consumed, in short, these data aren’t exchanged with anyone. They just stay there.

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Today, we work on very complex machines used in large productions. The engineers of these companies say that the production data has remained inside the machine. Or, in the best cases, just write them down. As if they were just information. Industry 3.0 is therefore characterized by data that are taken spot, when accepted, always voluntarily. And they are – always in the best of cases – used in a small island of knowledge that perhaps relates to the small department that uses that machine. So, their potential is not exploited.

Industry 4.0, on the other hand, is entirely digitized and makes production data available in real-time in databases that software engineers can create according to the needs of the company in question. Data is valuable because it follows production trends and identifies problems and situations related to products that can be solved or improved.

Weight Capsule is an online weighing system designed for data collection.

But in addition to digitizing the production data, they can be consulted via the Dashboard. Weight Capsule is up to 200 times more precise than the load cells usually mounted at the foot of the silos. These cells have a full scale of one ton each. And the more significant the full scale, the less effective the accuracy will be in measuring small quantities.

Furthermore, environmental factors also account for their influence. For example, the wind can affect the silos and the fact that the latter could negatively affect the weight measurement achieved by the load cells at their feet. Weight Capsule, on the other hand, is not affected by any external conditions – as the detection takes place inside it – and the digital weight data, which it sends to a cloud.

A complete and detailed summary is available in every aspect: how many masses I weighed, in how many repetitions, all classified according to the times, and of course any peaks – both positive and negative. In short, Weight Capsule allows you to quickly get to data processing with machine learning and other artificial intelligence techniques.