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Reduce the waste of raw materials through a weighing system

What is happening to commodity prices? They grow a lot. And in some cases, they go to the highest bidder. The financial tensions are surrounding copper, agricultural products, and electronic components are worrying.

The cost of raw materials for industries is currently an ever-increasing expense. But the solution is more straightforward than you might think: Nanolever can help you use their use.

Nanolever has developed a set of technologies to reduce the waste of raw materials, saving up to 5% of the total. A reduction in greater accuracy of weight measurements and Machine Learning of process data leads to savings that exceed 2% of raw materials transformed in the production process.

The climate crisis we are experiencing has evident and immediate consequences. That is, the natural resources of our planet are running out. And the fact that their quantity gradually decreases with each passing day contributes to increasing their value. That’s why limiting waste is becoming more and more fundamental.

Packaging di materia prima

We can help with the use of raw materials.

Nanolever is made up of specialists in weighing systems used in production plants and automatic machines. We design vibration-canceling weight measurement systems equipped with real-time software to improve performance.

A practical example of how to reduce the waste of raw materials? Let’s look at a machine that produces 70 million packages a year. The cost of the raw material used, in this case, amounts to € 4 per kg. The Nanolever technology can save 0.3 grams for each, saving, in terms of annual money, about € 80,000.

We, therefore, address both the processing industries – intending to save the raw material, thus obtaining a better yield from smaller quantities of product – and the manufacturers of automatic machines – to whom we offer to equip our technology in their plants.

Furthermore, investing in your company through Nanolever technology can give you access to the tax credit for Industrie 4.0 – which, in 2020, in this sector is equal to 50%. 

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