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Choose a technology that improves your efficiency

The goal of any manufacturing company is to improve productivity. This requires expert advice, dedicated software, and complete production data. The latter, in fact, consent to a comprehensive view of the equipment’s performance.

Raw materials are a natural resource: they are extracted from our planet. The industry has a great responsibility in its treatment. Since how these resources are used falls on the ecosystem in which we live. However, in transforming the raw material into the product, it is impossible to achieve 100% efficiency. And during the processing stages, a certain amount of product, unfortunately, ends up getting lost.

During the dosing phase, in order not to offer disservices, food producers are forced to overdose – a gesture that represents the percentage of inefficiency to be minimized. Inefficiency’s synonymous with the waste of raw material. But the discussion is much broader: if the inefficiency is caused by the waste of raw material, this also means that optimizing the consumption of these resources allows you to obtain the same results with less use of them.

The waste of raw materials, therefore, not only reduces the productivity of the company: it is damaging for the exploitation of our planet. The climate crisis leads to an increase in the cost of raw materials precisely because of their increasingly scarce availability. Nanolever wants to solve this problem.


Manufacturers of process plants and automatic machines are not specialists in weighing systems or ML code developers to analyze weight measurement data. For this reason, it is advisable to contact experts to receive a complete panoramically about data.


The data collected by the system can be consulted on the Dashboard by you at any time. Knowing the production process in real-time is the first helpful step to guide the improvement of operational performance.


Sigma Low is a weighing system that eliminates measurement errors due to vibrations. Electronic signal conditioning algorithms and data analysis, in real-time, a constant production report.


A careful analysis of the production data allows you to take advantage of the technology to achieve a marked improvement. In fact, by limiting waste, a result is obtained from the same quantity of better raw materials.

Dashboard in real-time

Our software will accompany you in your growth and monitor your weight measurement data.

It is a simple technology that can be equipped with any production apparatus. The data is transmitted via a wireless signal. Updates are instant.

You will have a real-time report, accessible anywhere: software that constantly monitors performance and progress.

Today, technology allows you to improve your effectiveness index. The real-time report also keeps the situation monitored.

Customized solutions


We offer our customers who deal with the product analysis of the processes in which the raw material is dosed. The goal is to show them a way to improve dosing accuracy and control of the quantities used.


On the other hand, manufacturers of automatic machines can implement our products in their plants. Or we can create weighing systems together. We design specifically for specific needs and requirements.