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Software di pesatura

Your real-time Dashboard

Real-time production data has the power to direct you to achieve concrete goals. They are, in fact, fundamental certainties for obtaining an objective perspective on one’s business. Nanolever makes them available on any device.

Allow your work teams to react quickly: you can set up notifications for reporting critical parameters during the dosing phase. Keeping the performance of automatic machines constantly monitored thus eliminates the possibility of unpleasant surprises.

Configure notifications on the Dashboard based on specific activation conditions, such as time limits or deadlines for troubleshooting. Nanolever wants to allow companies to react quickly in cases where problems may occur on the line.

Productivity and terms of efficiency

Each automatic machine, each line, has been created to meet a specific need. Nanolever has created a dashboard to check at any time if the production standards are above or below the pre-established. In fact, monitoring performance in real-time is essential to limit the waste of raw materials.

The waste of raw materials is harmful both for production companies and for our planet. In fact, resources are increasingly limited and less available: their cost increases every day. An industry attentive to production data is a more efficient industry. Therefore, the use of the Nanolever Dashboard allows you to identify new opportunities for improvement thanks to data science. Collecting and distributing production data, doing it in real-time, will enable companies to obtain constant feedback on the performance of automatic machines. In essence, it motivates people to realize that productivity and efficiency gains are highly accurate and objective parameters.

Software di pesatura
All of this can happen very quickly, even in your company.

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