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Processing industries

Improve your productivity

To do this, you need a technology that accompanies you as you grow by monitoring weight measurement data.

Nanolever weighing systems are tailor-made protection for processing industries that want to achieve the effectiveness of a smart factory.

Collecting production data in real-time means having it available at any time. In fact, to improve your production index, we will carry out a careful performance analysis together. Through the Dashboard, you can then keep your production data monitored in real-time.

The raw material has a cost, in money, and an extremely high value in environmental terms. By reducing waste, Nanolever technology allows you to obtain a better profit with fewer resources.

Nanolever is your tailor-made solution

To companies that deal with products, we propose an analysis of processes in which the raw material is dosed. The goal is to improve dosing accuracy and control of the quantities used.

The raw material is a highly precious commodity both for the processing industries and for our planet. The climate crisis, in fact, and the continuous process of extraction, every day contribute to their rarefaction. The consequence is clear: the price of raw materials is getting higher and higher.

Whether it is coffee, edible oil, or precious metals used in electronic components, essentially nothing changes. In general, we can say that the cost of the raw material has an even higher impact on the processing industries. Furthermore, since it is recognized as a customary practice, overdosing generates higher waste.

Nanolever technology offers a solution to these problems. Our weighing systems are accurate and reliable even at very high speeds. In fact, Sigma Low eliminates the annoying problem of vibrations linked to the activity of industrial machinery. The software component with which we equip our weighing systems, on the other hand, collects production data and makes them available on our Dashboard in real-time.

Nanolever wants to take your performances to the highest level. Do not hesitate to contact us to see if we can help you.

All of this can happen very quickly, even in your company.

Choose the right technology to improve the efficiency of your automatic machines.

Together we can clarify any doubts about our services designed for producers who reach the level of effectiveness of a smart factory.