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Nanolever weighing systems mount a microcomputer to manage the data and make them available in real-time by Dashboard.

Standard weighing systems consist only of load cells, signal conditioners, and PLC. Nanolever, on the other hand, manages the weighing system with a proprietary algorithm, how it measures the weight. In addition to the standard components, we integrate a micro-computer that analyzes the data, calculates the weight values , and transfers everything to an external computer.

Sistemi di pesatura

What are weighing systems?

In industrial automation, the mass calculation is performed inside the automatic machines very quickly and is used to control the dosing of the products remains within an expected range.

Weighing systems consist of four main parts:
– the sensor, in other words, the load cell.
– the support on which the mass to be measured rests, which is part of the more complex mechanical structure of the balance.
– the electronic conditioning of the signal coming from the load cell.
– firmware and signal processing software.

This kind of system can be a separate scale, or it can be inserted inside the equipment. For example, the products to be measured are loaded and then automatically unloaded.

Real-time Dashboard

The measuring speed of the industrial devices amounts to 200 ms.

Weighing systems created to operate inside automatic machines measure in speedy times – for example, 100 or 200 ms -, and are subject to the disturbances produced by the equipment. In practice, to the vibrations of automatic machines.

The vibrations inaccurate the value of the mass.

The problem that makes an onboard scale inaccurate corresponds to vibrations. It has always been like this, and technology has not been able to overcome this limit until now. The problem is known to all those who have dealt with automatic machines.

Sigma Low eliminates errors due to vibrations.

The solution patented by Nanolever is Sigma Low: in a few hundred milliseconds, it eliminates the problem of errors detected by vibrations.

Sigma Low is the only automatic device capable of solving the problem of vibrations in industrial plants.

An apparent solution is to separate the scale from the rest of the machine: place it on the floor instead of binding it to the structure. This method, however, mitigates the problem without solving it because, unfortunately, the vibrations are transmitted to the floor. And from there to the machine that was placed on top of it, distorting the result. There are also situations in which the scale cannot be undocked from the device. This is why Sigma Low represents, among the weighing systems, the ideal solution to resolve errors due to vibrations definitively.

The effects of high accuracy in weight measurement


Coffee producers declare a quantity of product on each pod: an amount that must never be less. Thus, to not offer disservices, overdoses are carried out: this inevitably causes a waste of raw material. Coffee costs to € 4 per kg, and Nanolever technology can allow you to save 0.3 grams for each, saving, in terms of annual money, a very substantial amount.


Here is another example related to an essential food product. Let’s focus on the oil dosing process. In this case, in fact, a certain amount of product is shown on the package, which is usually overdosed in order not to incur disruptions. The price of oil is significantly higher than that of coffee. Therefore, saving 0.3 liters of oil per single bottle of oil generates even more important savings.


Let’s get a new example: the specific needs of each electronics company. In the industrial production of this kind of component, precious metals such as gold and silver are used. And the cost of these precious metals used as raw material, of course, is much higher. Systematically optimizing the quantity purchased, therefore, offers a clear and immediate advantage in terms of sustainability.

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Load cells

Everything you need to know

Load cells are the active part of a sensor for the transduction of forces: weight measurement is the most common use. There are different types, including example capacitive, strain gauge, solid-state, and electromagnetic compensation systems.

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